Trend Prediction​

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A trend following forecasting study based on Behavioral finance and Fractal geometry, designed to support professional traders in their decision making process for any type of asset and exchange based securities.


​Forecastis predicts the probability that the next 10 bars of any timeframe will either be bullish, bearish or neutral (trendless). Probability is expressed as a % of the chances that the event (BU/BE/NE) will occur.

Provides traders with crucial information on: Market regime - potential trend or lack thereof (BULLISH – BEARISH – NEUTRAL). Strength of the trend - probability that the forecasted trend will develop over the next 10 bars. Stop loss​​

Forecastis Trend Prediction works with any market and any timeframe (starting from 1 minute bars...)

It is a powerful filter that improves your trading
decision making process